Pack me in a Panini

Prep: 10mins

Cook: 16mins

Serves: 2-3

Features: Dairyworks Edam Natural Cheese Slices - Value Pack


½ red onion, sliced

5 large mushrooms, sliced

1 tomato, sliced

Handful of basil leaves

6 large slices panini bread

1 Pack Dairyworks Edam natural slices


  1. Stir fry mushrooms for 10 min or until tender.

  2. Preheat panini maker. Lightly butter the outsides of the bread. Place tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, cheese and basil. Top with the other slice of bread with the butter side out.

  3. Place as many sandwiches that will fit into the panini maker and close the lid. Grill until the cheese is melted and the outside is nicely grill marked. Season with salt and pepper.