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Transform your dish today with our delicious flavoured butters. Three flavoured to choose from so you can add extra flavour to any meal. Available in a convenient sized 100g stick.

  • Garlic & Sea Salt

  • Lemon & Peppercorn

  • Chipotle & Sea Salt 

Everyone loves crispy roasted potatoes. Stand out from the crowd and transform your roasties with Dairyworks Garlic & Sea Salt butter. We dare you to make them and not love them!

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Cauliflower doesn't have to be boring. Transform into golden, caramelised deliciousness by just adding Dairyworks Lemon & Peppercorn Butter, packed full of flavour!

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Lemon & Peppercorn Finishing Butter 100g

Garlic & Sea Salt Finishing Butter 100g

Chipotle & Sea Salt Finishing Butter 100g

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